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Accelerate Your Company’s Growth to 6, 7 & 8 figures with Customized System Optimization and Software Automation

Free up your time and maximize your business’s potential by optimizing and automating the processes. 
Airtable Database Entity Relationship Diagram & Schema App - Optimize IS
Benefits of Our Automation Consulting
  • Reliable automation frees countless hours
  • ​Streamlined workflows for better efficiency
  • ​Increase revenue by eliminating faulty and inefficient systems 
  • ​Solutions suitable for non-tech savvy users
  • ​Done-for-you, customized optimization of all processes
  • ​Easy to use automation with little or no coding required
  • ​Optimizing your software stack eliminates wasteful redundancies
Depending on your specific needs, we can engage various software systems to optimize your company’s operations, automate workflows, and organize data.
  • Done-for-You Optimization 
At Optimize IS, we improve all the processes using automation that doesn’t require coding. You can quickly make changes in minutes, not days, without hiring a programmer. With proper integration and automation, the team can work more efficiently with fewer errors and better productivity. 
  • Database Organization and Development 
What good is a hot lead if you can’t find it? With our database development, you’ll have better data management, and your records won’t fall through the cracks. We review your current CRM system and databases for improvement and functionality. 
  • Save Time and Increase Revenue
Inefficient workflows can reduce a company’s revenue by up to 30%. By automating workflow and processes, it helps to reduce costly errors while allowing the professionals on your team to focus on the high-priority, money-making tasks. Optimized workflow management systems provide higher quality data, enabling management to make better and more profitable decisions.

Three Ways We Help You

Database Development

To provide you with optimal results, we have a four-step process for developing a database solution. 
  • Planning and Strategy - First, we have an audit call to map out a strategy centered on your specific requirements and goals
  • Analysis of Your Systems - We’ll take a more in-depth look at how we can improve the data development
  • Designing Your Database - This is a period of trial and testing to assess functionality and determine any modifications necessary to improve the system
  • Implementation and Execution -  We have specialists in multiple software who will integrate and build your systems
Once the database is fully functional, you can rely on us to handle any updates or to fix any technical glitches that may occur. You’ll have our full support.

Process Optimization

Every business has bottlenecks in one or more processes. We identify and open the blockages by optimizing each software in the process. 

To begin our program, we’ll have an audit call with you and your team to identify the issues in the various process flows. Then we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of the specific flaws, inefficiencies, and weak points of the processes. You will receive:
  • A flow diagram that compares a fully optimized process compared to your current one.
  • A detailed plan for your process from start to finish.
  • Recommended automation solutions using Zapier, Airtable, or other appropriate 3rd party integrations. 
We won’t recommend anything unless it fixes a problem, fills a need, or makes you more efficient and profitable.

Once you approve of the solutions, we can begin immediate implementation based on usability testing and your specifications.

Solopreneur Software Stack

If you need help building a 7-figure software system, you have everything you need in the Solopreneur Software Stack course. With so many applications and software on the market, which ones are the right choice for you?

To help assist business owners and entrepreneurs put all the separate systems together, we’ve designed a comprehensive training that covers all the software and strategies you may need. The software covered includes:
  • Information systems like Airtable
  • ​CRM tools like Keap
  • ​Email Marketing such as ActiveCampaign 
  • ​Tax software like QuickBooks
  • ​Optimization and integration software like Zapier
The course will provide a massive jumpstart for any solopreneur with the intention of becoming an entrepreneur. You will see how to set up and use the most economical yet efficient software to keep you profitable and scalable.
What Our Customers Say

Amber - Contract To Close & Listing Management

White Pickett Fence Services, LLC is an independent transaction coordination company servicing the top brokerages in Florida and Georgia with transact to close and listing management services.
"Hiring Optimize IS was one of the single best decisions I've made in the 4 years my small business has been running. I had a good understanding of airtable, zapier and calendars but I had no clue the potential these systems had until I met Ben. I appreciated the level of care Ben took to truly understand the needs of my organization as well as think of more ways that we could leverage the systems to save my team and I time! I HIGHLY recommend this company! If you haven't hired them already you should! NOW! GO! NOW!" - Amber
"We built a machine that would work even when I wasn't"
Max - Automotive Money
AutomotiveMoney.com is the brainchild of Max Karg, a successful solopreneur in the automotive niche. We helped Max with a few solutions to help gain traction for his YouTube channel and funnels.

"It's truly been a 10/10 working with Ben and his team"- Max Karg

Sarah - Nuance Interior Design
Nuance Interiors is a high-touch interior design firm specializing in design-build projects: kitchen and bath remodels, new construction, and additions.
"Ben was absolutely fabulous to work with. I needed a way to manage design projects including tasks, orders, tracking, pricing, CRM, and vendors and he created an integrated Airtable base customized exactly how I needed. He was helpful and responsive and did Loom videos walking me through various processes too. Couldn't be happier with the service and the product!" -Sarah Walker
"I've been using Airtable more and more, both for work and household management, and wanted to automate some data but had no idea how. After spending hours watching videos and reading how-to discussions, I doubted this could be done. Before giving up I sought help from Ben of Optimize, and within a few minutes he had identified a way to pull the necessary data out of a long text and import it to three fields. He even helped tweak the formatting. Thank you Ben, for making your expertise available!" -Kelly
Kelly Brask - CPO
Kelly Brask is a Certified Professional Organizer® and helps clients organize their homes, offices and workflows, so she both appreciates and is familiar with the concepts of automation and efficiency.
The Optimize Philosophy
Ben Green - CEO of Optimize IS - Airtable Integrator & Airtable Consultant

We strive to free up your time, improve your productivity, and increase revenue by implementing and optimizing your software and systems.

  • Have better control of your time and company’s growth 
  • ​Scale your business faster with software automation and systems optimization
  • ​Have the confidence of knowing that all systems and integrations are in place
  • ​Feel less overwhelmed with our full support from start to finish
  • ​Benefit from having no bottlenecks in your business operations to slow you down

Ben Green

Founder of Optimize IS

Schedule a No-Obligation 30-Minute Audit Call with Ben

“I guarantee that by the conclusion of our conversation, you will have a clear understanding of what is needed to optimize your systems, streamline your processes, and manage your time to balance your life. 

Please take a moment and find a suitable time on my calendar to schedule your call today. I look forward to speaking with you.” – Benjamin Green, Founder of Optimize IS

Who Benefits from an Audit Call?

Companies and entrepreneurs that want to:

  • Transition an offline business to an online model
  • Increase revenue potential and conversion rate optimization
  • Maximize their return on investment of software
  • Reduce the chaos, confusion, and mistakes in the office
Optimize IS, is a reliable agency that will make your company our priority.

Case Study: How Optimize IS Hit A Homerun for Sportsforce by Reducing Workflow Process Times by 10x.

SportsForce Logo - Optimized Business Process with Airtable & Zapier Client

A growing company in the college athletic scholarship industry, Sports Force, used VA’s to perform tedious and repetitive tasks. As a result, their workflow was labor-intensive and slow. Optimize IS introduced workflow automation, dropping the average time from 5 hours down to 30 minutes.

We organized their data so they could make better use of it and access it faster. Learn more about how we improved their interface, reduced labor costs, and streamlined their process.

What Our Customers Say

Rodolfo de Mattei - RDM Media

RDM Media gives Italian history based education companies like Schola Palatina and Edizioni Fiducia the marketing automation and data visualization tools to become highly profitable.
"I am very satisfied with the work done with Ben. Together we have deepened the functioning and optimization of AirTable and we have developed an excellent CRM system integrated with Active Campaign and Integromat. I absolutely recommend it." - Rodolfo
"I had a problem with producing reports from an Airtable base of Shopify orders. Ben was very helpful and came up with a solution that will save my client several hours of extra work each week. Highly recommended." - Allen

Allen Johanesson - KMG Consult

KMG Consult Canada provides products and services to help small business owners market their businesses online.

Jessy Freimann - The Life Jolie

The Life Jolie is a place where you will find simple family recipes and actionable tips to make cooking less of a chore and more of a joy. You will also find parenting anecdotes from a mom who is right in the thick of it as well as interesting and usable tid-bits on travel and DIY.
"I'm an Airtable newbie and brought Ben on to help me create a meal plan system - he put together a really fantastic product. Ben is super responsive and quick with communication. He is great at explaining things in a way that's easy to understand. His attention to detail is tremendous and from our initial call to the completion of the project, he's been so attentive, friendly and helpful. I cannot wait to work with Ben more- thank you so much for such a great experience!" - Jessy F
"Ben is an awesome dude! He took time out of his day to help me work through the issues that were in front of me. He was kind and truly loves what he is doing. I’d recommend anyone that needs help scaling and setting up processes for their business!" - Aaron

Aaron Gaskill - Auto Shop Follow Up

Auto Shop Follow Up helps automotive repair shops increase retention and loyalty by making follow-up phone calls, making service calls, and sending handwritten thank you cards to customers. 

Dorian TOHOU - Carlili

Carlili provides rental cars in Paris that are delivered and picked up at your doorstep without ever having to wait at an agency.
"Ben helped me concerning an issue I faced with Airtable ! I was really surprised by the quick answer and the help provided. Plus, the youtube videos he made, really help me out ! Thanks again ! 🙏 " - Dorian
"Ben's videos have great content and some nice creative ideas. I have definitely benefitted from Ben's knowledge and expertise. Looking forward to seeing your new releases. Thanks for your help." - Ladi Sonaike

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