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We work with you to accelerate your company’s growth to 7 & 8 figures with customized system optimization and process automation.


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Free up your time and maximize your business’s potential by optimizing and automating your processes.

What Our Customers Say

Join 68 happy customers worldwide who are already using our amazing services.

"Hiring Optimize IS was one of the single best decisions I've made in the 4 years my small business has been running. I had a good understanding of airtable, zapier and calendars but I had no clue the potential these systems had until I met Ben. I appreciated the level of care Ben took to truly understand the needs of my organization as well as think of more ways that we could leverage the systems to save my team and I time! I HIGHLY recommend this company! If you haven't hired them already you should! NOW! GO! NOW!"

Amber Pickett
Contract To Close & Listing Management

"Ben was absolutely fabulous to work with. I needed a way to manage design projects including tasks, orders, tracking, pricing, CRM, and vendors and he created an integrated Airtable base customized exactly how I needed. He was helpful and responsive and did Loom videos walking me through various processes too. Couldn't be happier with the service and the product!"

Sarah Walker
Nuance Interior Design

"I've been using Airtable more and more, both for work and household management, and wanted to automate some data but had no idea how. After spending hours watching videos and reading how-to discussions, I doubted this could be done. Before giving up I sought help from Ben of Optimize, and within a few minutes he had identified a way to pull the necessary data out of a long text and import it to three fields. He even helped tweak the formatting. Thank you Ben, for making your expertise available!"

Kelly Brask

Why this is the best service you can find?


Done-for-You Optimization

We improve all the processes using automation that doesn’t require coding. You can quickly make changes in minutes, not days, without hiring a programmer. With proper integration and automation, the team can work more efficiently with fewer errors and better productivity.

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Database Organization and Development

What good is a hot lead if you can’t find it? With our database development, you’ll have better data management, and your records won’t fall through the cracks. We review your current CRM system and databases for improvement and functionality.

Save Time and Increase Revenue

Inefficient workflows can reduce a company’s revenue by up to 30%. By automating workflow and processes, it helps to reduce costly errors while allowing the professionals on your team to focus on the high-priority, money-making tasks. Optimized workflow management systems provide higher quality data, enabling management to make better and more profitable decisions.

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1. Process Optimization

Every business has bottlenecks in one or more processes. We identify and open the blockages by optimizing each software in the process. To begin our program, we’ll have an audit call with you and your team to identify the issues in the various process flows. Then we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of the specific flaws, inefficiencies, and weak points of the processes. You will receive: ​- A flow diagram that compares a fully optimized process compared to your current one. - A detailed plan for your process from start to finish. - ​Recommended automation solutions using Zapier, Airtable, or other appropriate 3rd party integrations. We won’t recommend anything unless it fixes a problem, fills a need, or makes you more efficient and profitable. Once you approve of the solutions, we can begin immediate implementation based on usability testing and your specifications.

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2. Database Development

To provide you with optimal results, we have a four-step process for developing a database solution. Planning and Strategy - First, we have an audit call to map out a strategy centered on your specific requirements and goals ​Analysis of Your Systems - We’ll take a more in-depth look at how we can improve the data development Designing Your Database - This is a period of trial and testing to assess functionality and determine any modifications necessary to improve the system ​Implementation and Execution - We have specialists in multiple software who will integrate and build your systems. Once the database is fully functional, you can rely on us to handle any updates or to fix any technical glitches that may occur. You’ll have our full support.

3. Solopreneur Software Stack

If you need help building a 7-figure software stack, you have everything you need in the Solopreneur Software Stack course. With so many applications and software on the market, which ones are the right choice for you? To help assist business owners and entrepreneurs put all the separate systems together, we’ve designed a comprehensive training that covers all the software and strategies you may need. The software covered includes: 1. Information systems like Airtable 2. CRM tools like Hubspot 3. Email Marketing such as ActiveCampaign 4. Tax software like QuickBooks Once the database is fully functional, you can rely on us to handle any updates or to fix any technical glitches that may occur. You’ll have our full support.

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A growing company in the college recruiting industry, Sports Force, used VA’s to perform tedious and repetitive tasks. As a result, their workflow was labor-intensive and slow. Optimize IS introduced workflow automation, dropping the average time from 5 hours down to 30 minutes.

Reduced Labor Costs

Faster Access To Critical Data

Designed A New Interface

Reduced Human Error


Sportsforce Airtable Database Automation Case Study


Depending on your specific needs, we can engage various software systems to optimize your company’s operations, automate workflows, and organize data.

Reliable automation frees countless hours

​Streamlined workflows for better efficiency

Increase revenue by eliminating faulty and inefficient systems

​Solutions suitable for non-tech savvy users

​Done-for-you, customized optimization of all processes

​Easy to use automation with little or no coding required

What More Of Our Customers Say

"Ben is an awesome dude! He took time out of his day to help me work through the issues that were in front of me. He was kind and truly loves what he is doing. I’d recommend anyone that needs help scaling and setting up processes for their business!" - Aaron

Aaron Gaskill
Auto Shop Follow Up

"I am very satisfied with the work done with Ben. Together we have deepened the functioning and optimization of AirTable and we have developed an excellent CRM system integrated with Active Campaign and Integromat. I absolutely recommend it." - Rodolfo

Rodolfo de Mattei
RDM Media

"Ben helped me concerning an issue I faced with Airtable ! I was really surprised by the quick answer and the help provided. Plus, the youtube videos he made, really help me out ! Thanks again ! 🙏 " - Dorian

Dorian TOHOU
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More Testimonials

Jim Bell - MSource Training & Consulting

"Ben has been very valuable to our organization. He has assisted with the automation of several processes and identified additional solutions. He has been professional, punctual, and effective. Would highly recommend him to users at all levels."

Jeremy Ruch - Bandalier

Terrific, hands-on consultant We had a terrific experience working with Ben. He took the time to understand our requirements, explained what the options were, and then overhauled our Airtable instance to be much more usable for our team. Highly recommend.

Kristi Winfree - Legacy Transactions

Amazing Experience working with Ben Green/Optimize IS Ben has been so instrumental in helping me build out my vision with Airtable. I create the list of things I want done and he knocks them out. I've been able to provide so much more value to my clients by the data he's helping me collect on Airtable. He is also really great about explaining why he set something up a certain way so I can understand how the system works better and duplicate the formulas. I highly recommend Ben & Optimize IS.

Lindsey Bavaro - Real Time Savers

Ben setup a complicated automation within 1 day of connecting. Ben is knowledgeable and fast. I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish but couldn't get the final pieces together to automate the complicated workflow. Ben talked me through it, helped me come up with a solution, and had me fully setup the very next day. My favorite part - Ben was willing to teach me as along the way. He also recorded his work so I could use it for future reference if I run into a similar situation again.

Robbie Bechtel - Norris Management

Ben has been fantastic and very efficient at helping us solve our roadblocks Ben was able to understand my business and data structure needed. I know quite a bit about google sheets, a little of Airtable, but to complete what we needed done would have taken me untold hours of learning something new. He started solving those issues after just a couple of hours of dialog to understand our business and what we needed.

Yossi Goldblatt - Yeshiva Beth Yehudah

'Extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Ben was extremely knowledgeable and helpful - demonstrated a deep understanding of Airtable and how to address the issues I needed help with.'

Jeff Morgan - SportsForce

Best in the Business! Ben and Optimize are invaluable to growing your business and making processes run smoother and more efficiently. Ben is terrific to work with, he's fast, reliable and has helped streamlined so many aspects of our business. Could not recommend him more, every business needs someone like Ben!

Antoinette Rosenberg - Gather'd Market

Ben is a critical partner for all Solo Entrepreneurs! I hired Ben to help me automate a few things between Airtable and Shopify. Early on in our interactions, my eyes were opened to all the other things I could automate in my new business. I swear Ben has saved me so much money (and headaches!) by making things work so smoothly. The best part of working with him, is that he takes the time to explain everything. After a while, I learned a few tips and tricks to implement on my own. He's truly a great partner!

Diane Elkins - Positive Workspace (with Priority Architectural Graphics)

Ben went above and beyond our design requests Ben came up with a comprehensive and automated solution to a complex design needed for a client's task management and resource allocation system. He was quick to understand the many nuances of the workflow and he clearly communicated his recommendations for the new system. We were thrilled with the results and look forward to a long-term relationship.

Westen Gehring - The Land Institute

Vastly Improved Grant Funds Tracking System Ben helped us completely automate a 4-5 hour process. The time saved is fantastic, and we are now able to keep track of our data continuously rather than only getting snapshots when we take that time to manually calculate amounts.

Max Deabler - JellyFish Lighting

Amazing! I had been working on a project for two weeks to build tables that give sales data by salesperson by day, week, month, and year. Optimize IS was able to help me complete the project quickly and they are amazing to work with. The depth of knowledge they have for Airtable is unmatched and they have helped our business tremendously. Thank you!

Robin deMackiewicz - Ribbit Digital Design

When our team "found" OptimizeIS on YouTube about four months ago, we had no idea just how transformative the partnership would be. Ben is an absolute genius with all things AirTable and data management! In the months before connecting with Ben at OptimizeIS, we had worked long and hard with a Monday.com-certified project management team and had high hopes of what we were "sold" on. But unfortunately, their sales pitch was greater than their abilities and follow-through. We knew we were in trouble the deeper we got into the project, so we began the arduous task of looking for other options to handle our complex project management woes. I have used AirTable for other smaller projects in the past and started investigating the possibility of taking the plunge for this one GIANT project. That's when I stumbled upon one of Ben's videos on YouTube. He was deep. He was concise. He was detailed. He was EXACTLY what Team Ribbit needed! Our GIANT project didn't seem to phase Ben because he has in-depth AirTable knowledge and database skills that rival the best out there! This monumental project may be a work in progress, but we are confident that Ben is setting us up for success! In fact, we've had a series of smaller add-on projects along the way because, well, everyone needs a Ben on their team in order to run more efficiently! If you've ever had a complex project that you wished was simplified into something more manageable, you'll want to connect with Ben at OptimizeIS. He can help organize your data in ways that will save you time, energy, and, ultimately, your bottom line. Ben is also an excellent teacher. If there is something you want to learn to do on your own, he will teach you. There are many times that, in an attempt to make the best use of our time, Ben shows us the steps and records the process, then sends us the video so we can recreate the process on our own. His ability to adapt to OUR needs is unsurpassed. Ben is patient, thorough, and highly knowledgeable. Team Ribbit has never been so connected to our data as we are now, thanks to Ben! With Ben's expertise, we're working smarter, not harder.

The Optimize Philosophy

We strive to free up your time, improve your productivity, and increase revenue by implementing and optimizing your software and systems.

Have better control of your time and company’s growth

​Scale your business faster with software automation and systems optimization

​Have the confidence of knowing that all systems and integrations are in place

​Feel less overwhelmed with our full support from start to finish

​Benefit from having no bottlenecks in your business operations to slow you down

Our awesome features


*This list is not comprehensive & we add apps weekly.

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Optimize IS for Enterprise

Security & Compliance

We are compliant with all major security standards. This means running your service on a private cloud, with data encryption, Firewall, audit logs and anything you need to be compliant.

Scaling & Availability

We show you exactly which function was executed, how long it ran for and where it was called from. In-depth details display the method calls, including the external dependencies for apps of any size and complexity.

Transparent & Trustworthy

We help remote teams stay in sync, coordinate, and understand what their mates are experiencing. Use an unbeatable workflow around error detection and resolution."