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What Our Customers Say

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"We hired Ben to create a full company database, encapsulating client(s) info, company financials, goals, team members, etc. It's all tied together and creating so much more ease and flow in the business. Ben is kind, timely, and sharp. I feel so lucky I was introduced to him. Our company is forever changed because of his work!"

Melissa Shanahan
Velocity Work

"I could write an essay about Ben. He is fast and knowledgeable. I often hop on a call with 20 questions and he quickly grapples with our company’s needs in a few quick moments and then delivers on solutions. He has been helping both as a expert delivering solutions and as a trainer helping me learn to manage on my own. Couldn’t recommend more highly"

Joshua Lang
Roon Care

"Hiring Optimize IS was one of the single best decisions I've made in the 4 years my small business has been running. I had a good understanding of airtable, zapier and calendars but I had no clue the potential these systems had until I met Ben. I appreciated the level of care Ben took to truly understand the needs of my organization as well as think of more ways that we could leverage the systems to save my team and I time! I HIGHLY recommend this company! If you haven't hired them already you should! NOW! GO! NOW!"

Amber Pickett
Contract To Close & Listing Management

"Ben was absolutely fabulous to work with. I needed a way to manage design projects including tasks, orders, tracking, pricing, CRM, and vendors and he created an integrated Airtable base customized exactly how I needed. He was helpful and responsive and did Loom videos walking me through various processes too. Couldn't be happier with the service and the product!"

Sarah Walker
Nuance Interior Design

"Ben has been a terrific partner in helping us stand up our Airtable instance. We are running CRM, prospecting, financials, event tracking, and more to help run our company. Ben is knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly to work with. There's no way we would be where we are without his assistance."

John Williams
Samudra Group

"I've been using Airtable more and more, both for work and household management, and wanted to automate some data but had no idea how. After spending hours watching videos and reading how-to discussions, I doubted this could be done. Before giving up I sought help from Ben of Optimize, and within a few minutes he had identified a way to pull the necessary data out of a long text and import it to three fields. He even helped tweak the formatting. Thank you Ben, for making your expertise available!"

Kelly Brask

Why this is the best service you can find?





A growing company in the college recruiting industry, Sports Force, used VA’s to perform tedious and repetitive tasks. As a result, their workflow was labor-intensive and slow. Optimize IS introduced workflow automation, dropping the average time from 5 hours down to 30 minutes.

Reduced Labor Costs

Faster Access To Critical Data

Designed A New Interface

Reduced Human Error


Sportsforce Airtable Database Automation Case Study


Depending on your specific needs, we can engage various software systems to optimize your company’s operations, automate workflows, and organize data.

Reliable automation frees countless hours

​Streamlined workflows for better efficiency

Increase revenue by eliminating faulty and inefficient systems

​Solutions suitable for non-tech savvy users

​Done-for-you, customized optimization of all processes

​Easy to use automation with little or no coding required

What More Of Our Customers Say

"Ben is an awesome dude! He took time out of his day to help me work through the issues that were in front of me. He was kind and truly loves what he is doing. I’d recommend anyone that needs help scaling and setting up processes for their business!" - Aaron

Aaron Gaskill
Auto Shop Follow Up

"I am very satisfied with the work done with Ben. Together we have deepened the functioning and optimization of AirTable and we have developed an excellent CRM system integrated with Active Campaign and Integromat. I absolutely recommend it." - Rodolfo

Rodolfo de Mattei
RDM Media

"Ben helped me concerning an issue I faced with Airtable ! I was really surprised by the quick answer and the help provided. Plus, the youtube videos he made, really help me out ! Thanks again ! 🙏 " - Dorian

Dorian TOHOU
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The Optimize Philosophy

We strive to free up your time, improve your productivity, and increase revenue by implementing and optimizing your software and systems.

Have better control of your time and company’s growth

​Scale your business faster with software automation and systems optimization

​Have the confidence of knowing that all systems and integrations are in place

​Feel less overwhelmed with our full support from start to finish

​Benefit from having no bottlenecks in your business operations to slow you down

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Optimize IS for Enterprise

Security & Compliance

We enforce security best practices to protect your data. This means securing passwords on OnePass, data deletion policies, and screen timeout policies.

Scaling & Availability

We show you exactly which apps are connected and how. When making changes, we take into account dependencies to ensure nothing breaks. When designing, we focus on how design will impact future scaling.

Transparent & Trustworthy

We help remote teams work together, make decisions, and get results. We are a message away via Slack for any issues that come up. We keep clients updates with timelines and accurate estimates.